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FACTS Regarding indoor air

​​*According to the American Lung Association, most people spend 60% to 90% of their time indoors.
*According to the US EPA, more than 50 million Americans suffer from some kind of allergy.  The level of some hazardous pollutants have found to be up to 70 times greater indoors than outdoors.
*Many studies have shown that 2 out of 3 indoor air quality issues involve the HVAC system.  Cleaning your air ducts can provide allergy relief, eliminate odors and reduce dust and potentially housework - less dusting!
*According to the Department of Consumer Affairs, children and the elderly are most affected by polluted indoor air.

air duct cleaning in austin tx

Air duct cleaning service

​​Your air duct  can harbor nasty bacteria, dirt and debris, and all of these things can pose health hazards when forced air carries them into your home or business. the environmental protection agency recommends that you have a professional evaluate your system. athorough air duct cleaning can prevent mildew and mold from growing in nooks and crannies: clean air duct promote healthier, more breathable air.

The good news is thet the Austin duct cleaning in austin team is always redy to help you, and we offer a remarkable 2 year guarantee against the regrowth of mold and mildew that our customer love.

Austin duct cleaning has been in business for almost 12 years, and our Air duct cleaning cost only $89 for whole house with furnace check up 

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Air duct cleaning guarantee

Dust, dirt and hair are normal in air ducts, but mold and mildew are not. including difficulty breathing. people with compromised immune systems, including young children and the elderly, as well those suffering from cancer, HIV and other immune problems, are especially susceptible to the dangers of mold and mildew.

when you allow us to clean your air duct, we'll treat them with special antimicrobing safe, clean air, we'll give you our 2 year guarantee 

Intensive 6 step process to clean air ducts 

  • Thorough cleaning of the unit, squirrel cage, fan and all air handling components that we can access
  • Removal and hand washing of vent covers 
  • individual duct vacuuming that removes dust, ash and other debris 
  • Application of an antimicrobial treatment that disinfects the system
  • cleaning of the surrounding vent ares 
  • cleaning or replacement of your filter